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New Beginnings for New Brunswick Schools

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Elect New Brunswick Board of Education Candidates

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Please Vote Tuesday for Neighbors YOU TRUST Who Listen to YOU.

Benito Ortiz


  • Manager, Middlesex County Board
    of Social Services

  • Trustee, New Brunswick Library

  • United States Air Force Veteran

  • President, New Brunswick Coqui
    Dominoes Club

  • New Brunswick High, Graduate

  • Parent, NBHS & Rutgers graduates

Ivan Adorno


  • 21+ years’ experience working and
    creating youth programs

  • Former Director, Youth Services (YSS)

  • Former member, Woodrow Wilson
    Site Management Team

  • Former member, Middlesex Co.
    Council for Children Services

  • Former Chair & Coordinator,
    New Brunswick Municipal Alliance

Yesenia Hernandez


  • Provides community health resources
    and programs to our Public Schools

  • Commissioner, NB Housing Authority

  • Board Member, Meals on Wheels

  • Former Board member, Chandler
    Health Center

  • Member, State Theatre Latino Committee

  • Rutgers University graduate

  • Parent of NBHS graduates

“School Board Members take their responsibilities for making decisions that shape the course and quality of Education in our communities very seriously.”

Tim Allwein

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