New Beginnings for New Brunswick Public Schools 2021 Election Statement

The New Beginnings School Board candidates Mr. Edward Spencer, Mrs. Jennifer Sevilla and Mrs. Diana Solis have played an important role in ensuring that New Brunswick Public Schools are focused on addressing community needs and wishes. Under their leadership, the New Brunswick Public Schools have become one of the best and most community focused public school systems in the State of New Jersey. Student academic performance, athletic achievement and community involvement has increased significantly over the last three years. In addition, the New Beginnings team has played a critical role in the development of student-centered collaborations with every major community based organization in New Brunswick. They have also been a leader in developing comprehensive educational, social-emotional, music and drama programs to ensure that all students can excel. These candidates are so committed to the success of the schools that they all have enrolled their children in the New Brunswick Public Schools. Vote for the New Beginnings for New Brunswick Candidates to ensure that New Brunswick Public Schools continue to improve and remain among the best public schools in the State of New Jersey.