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New Beginnings for New Brunswick Public Schools 2022 Election Statement

The New Beginnings School Board candidates: Mr. Benito Ortiz, Mr. Ivan Adorno and Mrs. Yessenia Hernandez have played a vital role in ensuring New Brunswick Public Schools provide support to our students  and families through these unprecedented times. With a blend of established and veteran leaderships from Mr. Ortiz, and years of experience in youth and social service programming from Mr. Adorno and Mrs. Hernandez our district continues to be an example of community involved schools. These collaborations have been the contributing factors into the creation of the P-Tech School and the soon to open Blanquita Valenti Community School. With a renewed focus on social-emotional support for students and staff, as well as investing in community collaborations, these candidates are committed to creating the best opportunities for all New Brunswick Schools students to succeed. Vote for the New Beginnings for New Brunswick Team to continue to improve and make it possible for educational opportunities that can create the foundation for successful futures for our students.

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